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Stepdaughter Fuck

Stepdaughter Fuck, Miss Hybrid, Penelope, Driver, blowjob

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Stepdaughter Fuck

Miss Hyrbid went off to Scotland this morning, instructing me to ensure that the fire place in the sitting room is properly cleaned out and new logs laid ready and lit by the time that she gets back. As her trip up north of the border was planned, she gave most of the staff the day off, leaving me having to do the whole job by myself. I really hate having to clean out the grate, you never seem to get that burned wood smell out of your clothes and hair from all the ash, and ensuring that nothing gets onto the fireside carpet. I fetch the Vax to clear out most of the old ash and then go back to the kitchen to get the rest of the cleaning gear.

Stepdaughter Fuck, Miss Hybrid, Penelope, Driver, blowjob

So there I am, dressed in old jeans and a rather sparse T-shirt soot all over my face cleaning off the flagstones for, hopefully, the final time when Miss Hybrid’s step daughter Penelope wanders in.
“Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored”, she complains as she throws herself onto the settee. “There is fuck all to do around here, and Mummy took the Jeep, so I can’t go anywhere”
It’s been snowing and there is no way you can drive in anything without 4 wheel drive.
“You could try the Gym”, I suggest, without looking around.
“Already done that today”, she replies.
I drop the scrubbing brush into the bucket and stand up.

“Well, that should do it”, I say to myself clapping my hands together.
“Felix, I need something to do”, moans Penny.
“Maybe a game of cards”, I propose, “but I must just lay the fire and get it going”.
I just hear her as she says under her breath, “you should lay me and get me going”
“I beg your pardon, Miss”, I say, raising my eyebrows.
“Nothing, Felix”, she sighs, “just hurry up will you”.
I take all the cleaning gear back through to the kitchen with me, clean out the bucket in the sink and leave it to drain. Just outside the kitchen door is the wood pile, and I pick up a good armful of ready chopped logs and some kindling to take back to the sitting room with me.

Penelope is lounging on the settee, obviously having got up at some stage to get a pack of cards, which is lying next to its pack on the coffee table. I notice that there are fewer buttons fastened on her tailored blouse, showing off her cleavage and the edges of a very pretty looking red bra. She has kicked off her shoes, and I can see the tops of her stockings where her short blue pleated skirt has ridden up. I thought, I would like a Stepdaughter Fuck

Miss Hybride and other funny typos


Miss Hybride Gets Typoed

Miss Hybride is a very common misspelling of Miss Hybrid. People are very curious as to where I get my name from, well blame mummy! I get many different variations, Miss Hybird, Miss Hybride, Miss Hibride , Miss Hibrid, Miss Hybryd and Miss Hydrid

If you see any other funny typos of my name, like Miss Hibird, please let me know and I will add them to my growinglist. I have just found two lovely ones, Miss Hibrit in stokings and Miss Hybrit wearing pantihose are my favourites. I have also seen Piss Hybrid which is rather appropriate given my love of watersports!


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Powerful Lady Giantess

Powerful Lady Giantess

Powerful Lady Giantess
Fruit bowl on table, partially peeled banana has people wedged in it eating it. The Powerful Lady Giantess peels the banana down further to show everyone whos on it. “Fee, fi foo, fum I see some very unlucking people eating a giant’s food. I think it’s only fair you become my food now since you can’t give back the bits of banana you ate.” Then rather than chew on it, just really sexily licks them of or sucks on it in her mouth till they’re all gone. Then says how horny the housework makes her. Then notices that there’s a bunch of loose grapes with people stuck in them as well, which annoys her.

Powerful Lady Giantess

Picks up grapes into her hand, holding it above her head as she puts her head back, tongue out and crushes the grapes so the juice runs into her mouth, but is messy and goes onto her boobs as well etc. The starts to eat the people/grape paste, also dropping onto her boobs and having to eat it off them or scoop off boobs with fingers.
Goes to sink to get a wet cloth to wipe her boobs, getting turned on as she’s rubbing her tits with the cloth, taking top and bra off to get clean. Lastly notices messy worktop with melted runny ice cream and lots of people in it drinking it. Goes to reach across counter to get paper towel, forgetting how big her boobs are which rub across counter and ice cream. Discards the towel and starts licking the ice cream mess and people off her boobs as she’s telling the ones on the counter that it’s not sexual, she’s just doing the housework, as she’s getting really out of breath and horny. Then starts licking and slurping the people out of the ice cream puddle as she’s massaging her boobs groaning loudly.

Powerful Lady Giantess

Sits down on the kitchen floor leaning against the unit when she spots a group of people between her legs. Powerful Lady Giantess Picks them up and asks them to keep screaming as she’s close to cumming and drops them in her mouth, licking her lips and swallows them then orgasms as she’s rubbing her boobs.

Giantess Fetish

Giantess Fetish

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Giantess Fetish explained by a devotee

Rather than trying to explain the fetish and mannerisms in the script itself, I have produced this separate guide in order to explain the fetish, explain the mannerisms/actions/acting I would like to see in any given scene as well as to explain the practicalities of the ‘shrunken’ people and props.

This is in order that the separate script will have minimum detail in it in order to make it was easy as possible to the videographer to shoot. This way the actress and/or videographer can read this guide to Giantess Fetish and become acquainted with the type of acting and mannerisms and improvise and apply this when acting out the scenarios in the script without it having to be written specifically and repeated throughout the script itself.

Please note, although it won’t state it in the script itself, the mannerisms and actions contained in this guide should be applied throughout the scenes in the script.

I appreciate, that if unfamiliar with the Giantess Fetish this is a lot of information which is why I have kept it separate to the script. It is for the actress to read through and familiarise herself with, without having to worry to do everything word for word 100 %. This way it can be used as an overview and the script for detailed but minimal directions.

Giantess Fetish

Evil lady loves people begging and trying to stop themselves being swallowed alive or crushed. She has complete disdain for them and she’s is a power freak and loves to see someone beg for their life as her tongue drags them into her hungry mouth as they frantically try to stop themselves slipping down her throat by trying to cling onto her lips/tongue/throat

More to come on this fascinating topic of Giantess Fetish.

Miss Hybrid, Leather Glove Handjob

leather glove handjob

Videos of Miss Hybrid giving leather glove handjobs to her staff

I have received a request for a leather glove handjob. Is this popular with anyone else, I wonder? Leather glove handjobs have always been a favourite pastime of mine! You can not beat wanking of a stiff hard cock until the spunk shoots out all over the leather. Then you make him lick it all off.

Hi, Miss Hybrid

I have a few requests that i would want to see

First one would be you giving a leather glove handjob on a male while hes in a warm bath very wet very fun and a good cum shot at the end.

Second one would be you giving a leather glove handjob but smelling the cum sent from your fingers after hes nice and wet.

Miss Hybrid, leather glove handjob

Third one would be you dressed up like you did in the Jodhpurs Paddle pretending to be a Chauffeur then climbing into the back seat and giving a leather glove handjob with a good cum shot on your shades.

One last thing its a shame you dont have a guy like me in these clips i have a leather glove fetish and from a leather glove handjob so far in less than 4 minutes i can cum 5 to 6 times may sound like a lot but i cant help it makes me wet just to see a female wearing them.

leather glove handjob, Miss Hybrid, leasther, boots, nylons, stockings

if you ever need a guy to cum that much email me I’m sure i could come down.

Kind Regards

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