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Miss Hybrid leans forward and takes my aching rod into her mouth, licking away the pre cum from the tip and then exploring the head with her dexterous tongue. My own mouth is covered with her hot pussy, leaking copiously as I lick deep inside her. I insert a finger from each hand into her rectum and she pushes down harder onto my mouth. She sucks my cock further into her mouth, gagging slightly as it hits the back of her throat. I feel a finger press onto my arsehole, rubbing insistently at the entrance to gain ingress. I tighten up at first, but relax as Miss Hybrid expertly deep throats my hard dick. Her finger suddenly enters me, slimy from her mouth. She pushes it deep inside and move it around. I have never felt such an electric sensation, and it takes all my control not to let my load go there and then.

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Engrossed as I am in sucking the free flowing juices from Miss Hybrid pussy, I fail to notice an audience starting to build up around us. It is only when someone sneezes do I realise that we are surrounded by around 7 or 8 other people, including 3 “ladies”. A couple of the men are openly wanking themselves as they watch. One of the women is on her knees in from of another of the men, cock in mouth. Another is aiding 2 other guys, standing between them, facing us, slowly wanking their cocks. The third is leaning against a tree and has the front of her skirt pulled up and a hand in her panties, the other hand inside her blouse playing with her tits.
It seems that Miss Hybrid and I are in the middle of a local dogging site. I didn’t see that on my map!

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